Tecnika, leading company of the contract, was created to combine the needs of an increasingly demanding market, coordinating a pool of specialized companies in the furniture industry.

Through its division Tecnika contract, it has achieved significant results all over the world, performing special supplies for hotels and restaurants, museums and theaters, residences, luxury private homes, chain stores and boutiques, libraries, cruise ships, offices and business centers.

Supported by a specific structure consisting of architects and engineers, this division is able to work closely with design studios, construction companies and shipyards to assist, develop and manufacture furniture and interior fittings. Tecnika works both on tailored special projects and standard products, possibly modified to specific requirements by providing all necessary assistance to complete the intervention, including the formula “turnkey.”

Tecnika Contract acts as “general contractor”, coordinating the work of several enterprises and ensuring the quality of results. In addition, it organizes the work of other companies of the group, coordinating the skills and specializations, Tecnika organizes the supply and production in Italy and then take care about the shipment of the goods.

This is possible thanks to the aid of specialized technicians who are in charge of all final assembly stages at the buyer headquarters. The materials used are environmentally friendly and are certified for beeing used in both private, residential and commercial structures.