FACILITIES: Realization and supply of furniture for hotel rooms, suites, public areas, restaurants, bars and furniture accessories of all kinds for SPA and wellness centers.

THEATRES: Production of furniture for theatres, main halls, choir rehearsals, recording and rehearsal rooms, parterre listening chairs , balconies and decorative woodwork. Supply of REI and acoustic doors made of metal and wood.

LIVING: Supply of furniture made and designed for kitchens, living room furniture, furniture for bedrooms and bathrooms in modern or classic style. Supply of curtains made of selected fabrics, coatings with marble and precious tiles of any size. The installation by our specialized staff is included.

NAVAL: Realization of furnishings for cruise ships, yachts and ferries, including cabins from standard to suites.

RETAIL: Realization of shops, luxury boutiques, stores of any size, with provision of furniture and decorative objects of all kinds of wood, glass, metal, fabric and prestigious leather.

CONSULTANCY: Support in planning and advice by providing a pool of professionals that has developed over the years within the Contract Division.